My name is Karim Khaldi and I am originally from France. After a long international career in the real estate sector, I decided to settle in the United Arab Emirates a few years ago. Drawing on my expertise and experience, I am dedicated to providing first-class real estate services tailored to your needs through the KOME DUBAI website. KOME DUBAÏ is more than just a classic real estate sales website, it is also a user-friendly space, a practical guide, a blog and a community that is growing every day.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in property in Dubai, rest assured that I bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every client interaction.


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Object 1 Mission
10 years of our construction experience now transformed into a big mission of creating real estate as a contemporary art gallery, where every building will be a showpiece. It’s not only about the breathtaking exterior. It’s also about emotions you get inside the object.
We work with projects that do not just change the city outline. And become its new attractions. ur projects are changing the citizens’ lifestyles. They set a new rhythm, and create a new level of comfort in interaction with the city. With a contemporary city.
TSZ Group
Object 1 is a part of the international TSZ Group, which operates in the real estate markets of Spain, and the UAE. It is union of minds, ideas, visions, strategies, experiences, and ambitions. We are proud of our company’s history of development.

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